Sprinkler Repair

The average lawn water sprinkler system is one of the few household systems that runs day in, day out from the first day

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Sprinkler Installation

Are you tired of dragging heavy kinked-up hoses around your lawn daily in order to manually water your lawn?

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Commercial Sprinkler

Are you responsible for the commercial water sprinkler and irrigation needs for your local business, homeowner association,

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Houston Katy Water Sprinkler Company

Are you in need of water sprinkler repair or installation in Katy or Houston metro area? Do you have broken sprinkler heads and need Katy sprinkler repair? Do you have water gushing out onto your lawn and need Houston sprinkler repair? Are you having problems with your water sprinkler system timer? Do you have areas or patches of dead grass? Is your water bill excessively large given the size of your yard or landscaping?

When your water sprinkler equipment ceases to work properly, we’re the company to call for immediate repair or service help. Our seasoned technicians are trained and eager to provide you with a quick response. All living plants require a sufficient amount of water to survive, yet they can also be harmed by too much water or lack of a regular systematic supply. As a result,your expensive lawn or landscaping can be damaged very quickly when your sprinkler system fails to operate properly or performs at a sub-optimal level. At that point, the damage can be swift and expensive. When this first begins to happen, time is of the essence so rest assured that if you call us at Houston Katy Water Sprinklers, we can have your sprinkler system serviced right, quickly and on time. Call us immediately if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

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  • Extremely Dry Lawn or Shrub Areas
  • Sprinkler Heads Broken or Missing
  • Low Water Sprinkler Pressure
  • System Lacks an Auto Rain Sensor
  • Recent Landscaping Additions or Changes
  • Missing Sprinkler Heads
  • Malfunctioning Timer or Controller
  • Excessively Wet Lawn Areas
  • Sprinkler Zones Not Working
  • Uneven Water Coverage
  • Excessive Water Overspray
  • Backflow Preventer Problems
  • Possible Valve Leaks
  • Need a New System Installed
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Weekend and Emergency Katy Water Sprinkler Repair Service Available

No one can control when their sprinkler system will malfunction or simply fail to function at all. This could occur anytime and usually occurs for most people at the worst possible time, such as on a Saturday afternoon over a holiday weekend. It happens. If this occurs, don’t worry as Houston Katy Water Sprinkler Repair can have it taken care of pretty quick. We’re the water sprinkler repair company nearest me and you in the Houston &  Katy TX metro areas. We can reach one of our on-call technicians who will then arrive to you promptly, diagnose the exact sprinkler system problem, and implement a solution. Rest assured it will be fixed right and on time. So go ahead and put our number (832) 612-6869 into your phone now just in case you need one of our water sprinkler repair system technicians pronto!

We Pride Ourselves on Rapid Responses and Reliable Repairs

At Houston Katy Water Sprinklers, our goal is to turn your frustrating problem into a welcomed solution. And that starts with FAST and RELIABLE service from the outset. From your first call into our main office, we strive to give a quick response to each and every customer. After that, our reliable service extends to our sprinkler technicians who drive fully stocked service vehicles so we can fix your problem the first time and continue to maintain our very high CFC Rating (Completed on First Call.) Also, most of our customers really appreciate our 30 Minute Advance Service Arrival Call. We will call you 30 minutes in advance of our technician arriving at your door so you don’t sit around wasting your valuable time waiting on yet another home service technician. We know that’s extremely frustrating to all customers and we’re extremely sensitive to the issue. Simply having a water sprinkler problem shouldn’t ruin the rest of what should remain a wonderfully productive day for yourself. That’s our promise.

Fair Upfront Pricing for all Our Katy Sprinkler Repair Customers

Everyone appreciates good faith and fair dealing, especially when it comes to paying for goods and home repair services that can be unexpected but necessary. At Houston Katy Water Sprinklers, we charge one fair flat fee that includes both our technician dispatch and arrival to your home or place of business, as well as the full diagnostic charge to adequately understand your specific problem, provided it’s within a full hour. Our experienced Katy sprinkler repair technician will review your whole system and visually inspect each zone. At that point they will then provide you with a written estimate if it’s more complicated and is necessary. If you approve the estimate, we usually pro-rate our service call and diagnostic fee into the estimate. Our goal is always to leave with another happy sprinkler service customer who will then call us again one day, as well as refer us to their friends and neighbors!

We Provide a Warranty on Sprinkler Parts and Labor

At Houston Katy Water Sprinklers Repair, we have so much confidence in our technician’s ability to do the job right the first time that we offer a great warranty on parts and labor. Lawn sprinkler systems can be complicated with lots of moving parts, valves and electronics so we realize that once you have something repaired you expect it to stay that way for quite a while. All our technicians will provide you with the duration of the warranty right on the written estimate. And if something later goes wrong that shouldn’t have, we’ll make it right 100% of the time!

So go ahead and save our contact information in your phone today (832) 612-6869 just in case you need our help tomorrow. So if you ever find yourself asking “where is the nearest water sprinkler repair company located at?”, then look no further for outstanding service!

Serviced Right & On Time!

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